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Our goal at Ellis and Bryant, P.A. is always to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. No attorney can guarantee or promise a specific result and anyone that does is probably just after your money. You can rest assured though that the lawyers at Ellis and Bryant, P.A. will use their knowledge and experience to fight for you and your rights.

Client, a victim of an armed robbery, was arrested by the State and held in jail with no bond after failing to appear on a court ordered subpoena. Two days before client's scheduled court date and less than one week after the law firm of Ellis and Bryant, P.A. came into the case, client was released from jail on her own recognizance with an ankle monitor.

Family Law client in a fight over custody of her children came to Ellis and Bryant, P.A. after being dissatisfied with the efforts of her first attorney. TJ Bryant and Samantha Ellis were successful in convincing a magistrate at a temporary needs hearing to award majority time sharing and custody to client. Opposing party was granted supervised visitation with the children only. Opposing party was also ordered to pay child support and client was awared exclusive use and possession of the marital home.

Client was arrested on a violation of probation and a new charge of domestic battery. Client was facing a thirty day suspended sentence on the violation of probation charge and the Judge was adamant about imposing a thirty day jail sentence. After a lenghty sentencing hearing, Samantha Ellis convinced the Judge to reinstate probation and reduced the jail time from thirty days to ten days with credit for time served.

Client was arrested for domestic battery while on probation for domestic battery. The attorneys at Ellis and Bryant, P.A. convinced the prosecutor to drop the new domestic battery charge and client was allowed to stay on probation and maintain a withhold of adjudication of guilt. Client did no time in jail and was even allowed to terminate probation early.