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Criminal Law

criminal-defense-representation Aggressive Representation

When facing criminal prosecution, your freedom is on the line and you need an aggressive attorney to fight for your rights. At Ellis and Bryant, P.A., our attorneys have a proven track record of successfully taking cases to trial. We understand the complicated court rules of evidence and procedure and will challenge the State’s witnesses and evidence at every phase of your case. Even before you have been arrested our attorney’s can check the status of any warrants you may have, negotiate with prosecutors to not issue warrants or seek a reduction of your bond so you can avoid time spent in jail.

criminal-defense-police-mistakes The Police do not Always Get It Right

The police make mistakes and sometimes conduct sloppy investigations or even violate your constitutional rights. Witnesses can be mistaken about who or what they saw or may have problems remembering facts. As former prosecutors we will identify, test, and exploit the weaknesses of the State’s case to get you the best possible outcome.

criminal-defense-lawyearThe State Has a High Burden

As a client coming to Ellis and Bryant P.A., you have a unique legal need that will be matched to one of our experienced attorneys. All phone calls or emails will be answered promptly and courteously.

How the Right Attorney can Help You
  • Verifying if you have a pending warrant for your arrest
  • Contacting the prosecutor before your case is filed to get charges dropped
  • Negotiating with the prosecutor
  • Negotiating with the Judge
  • Filing discovery motions
  • Filing motions to suppress
  • Filing motions in limine
  • Interviewing witnesses and taking formal statements
  • Subpoena and Depose adverse witnesses
  • Gathering mitigation to present to the Prosecutor
  • Advising you of the status of your case
  • Appearing on your behalf at court hearings
  • Knowing the law
  • Making proper and timely objections
  • Reviewing police reports and investigative material for mistakes or Constitutional violations
  • Filing a Motion to Reduce your Bond Amount
  • Arguing at a bond reduction hearing that Judge should lower your bond
  • Conducting Legal Research
  • Preparing your witnesses for trial testimony and cross examination by the prosecutor
  • Cross examining police officers and other adverse witnesses at hearings and trial
  • Preparing exhibits and other evidence for trial
  • Challenging the prosecutor’s exhibits and evidence
  • Presenting your defense to a jury or judge at trial