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Great Lawyer!

5.0 stars
Posted by Cora McLeod 
October 21, 2016

Samantha Ellis is a great Lawyer. I hired her to help resolve and she that and more! My dad was facing a lot of prison time for something he DID NOT do and she worked her magic to get his charge reduce and now my dad is a free man. Samantha and her partner are very trust worthy and will be able to give 110% towards her cases for the best interest of her clients. I am so grateful and blessed to have came cross her!

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5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous 
September 21, 2016

Ms Ellis took advantage of every detail and applicable law in the handling of a very contentious child custody case. Both she and Mr. Bryant were courteous and prompt in all of our correspondence. She communicated effectively with opposing counsel to facilitate a fair and equitable outcome. Highly recommend!

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Excellent service

5.0 stars
Posted by Lorraine 
July 6, 2016

Mrs. Ellis was very honest with us about what to expect regarding the outcome of our case. Her and her staff were friendly and courteous. She took the time to listen to our concerns and advise us accordingly. She fought for us until the case was done and after the case was complete followed with us. She is one of the few attorneys I have encountered who really care.

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Very insightful backed with experience and integrity.

5.0 stars
Posted by Brian 
April 12, 2016

My first contact with the Law office of Ellis and Bryant was via phone. I called and was greeted by Ms. Ellis, right off the bat that was a great first impression. I explained my circumstance to her and after listening she invited me to the office for a better understanding of my situation and what I was looking for. 
Once I arrived at the office I was greeted by both Ms. Ellis and Mr. Bryant. After listening to my concerns they both explained to me the different avenues that could be taken and some possible scenarios that could play out. 
After leaving the office I knew I had made the right choice choosing Ellis and Bryant their honest and in-depth knowledge gave me a new perspective about my circumstance. Not only were they looking out for me but also my family and things that could play out in the future. On my ride home I received a phone call from Ms. Ellis letting me know if I had any further questions or concerns to feel free to call either one of them any time. 
The honesty and knowledge of these two individuals helped me tremendously, I’m happy with the choice I made and if ever a problem arises in the future I can guarantee I will be contacting them again for help. Thank you both very much Brain.

Great Service Deserves Great Review

5.0 stars
Posted by Richard 
February 4, 2016

It is rare that I write a review online but the service provided by Ellis and Bryant merit my time...We recently had a employee violate her contractual agreement with us and was beginning to do damage to our business. We had a non compete in place and needed some back bone to enforce that contract. I contacted Ellis and Bryant based on a referral. Samantha Ellis answered the phone on a late Thursday night to my surprise. I needed something enforced immediately and was in sort of a frenzy. Mrs Ellis calmed me down and instructed me to send her the non compete contract and said she would look it over and based on her legal opinion have a cease and desist letter by morning time emailed to me for approval if our contract was enforceable. I woke up the next morning and checked my email and there it was. I read over the "cease and desist" letter and immediately knew that Mrs. Ellis knew exactly what she was doing. Within a week of ex-employee receiving her letter via certified mail she wrote a letter of compliance to Ellis and Bryant. This is why I took time to write a review...Mrs. Ellis went above and beyond by reacting so quickly and it deserves this review!!!

An Attorney who you can trust and believe will fight for your best possible outcome.

5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous 
July 12, 2015

Mrs. Samantha Valentine Ellis helped to guide me through one of the most difficult times in my life. My charges had a direct impact on my personal and emotional well being as well as my professional livelihood. Her professionalism, incredible knowledge of law and her compassion towards her clients is priceless. Mrs. Ellis was very open to addressing my case and taking me on as a client. She is a great listener and communicator, she was quick to analyze my case, research specific laws and client rights to ensure the best possible outcome.
During the entire process I felt safe and secure that my most important matter was just as important to her. She along with her firm, The Law Offices of Ellis and Bryant, P.A. worked very diligently to ensure that my rights were met and decision deliberated by the court was the appropriate and fair judicial action in regards to my case. Words can not express my gratitude and thankfulness in having Samantha Valentine Ellis, P.A. represent me through that difficult time.

Hired TJ for my daughter's case

5.0 stars
Posted by Reneé 
June 17, 2015

We had an excellent experience with TJ as our Lawyer. I couldn't be happier with the out come for my daughter's case. He was able to have her new charges along with her violatation of probation dropped. I highly recommend TJ to anyone who is looking for an honest & hard working lawyer. Thank you again TJ for your excellent service!